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Line-up The Funky Cat's Whisker Club

Denemarken house, techno, hardstyle
hardstyle, trance
26Facebookbezoekers @ 1 oktober 2020
109Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 1 oktober 2020
The Funky Cat is back, but this time not with a rave. We present our exclusive Whisker Club, a unique listening experience limited to 50 seats - fully corona-proof. Sit down, close your eyes and let us take you on a 2.5 hour long trip.


Geck-o, D00d and bitface will select music you wouldn't likely hear on one of our raves, but still with the same quality, intensity, beauty and weirdness you've come to know from The Funky Cat. Our artists' signature mash-up of genres goes way beyond the effective dance floor bangers, and they'll take the opportunity to immerse you into mesmerizing soundscapes and amazing musical experiences, while not afraid to slip in some hard hitting beats.
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