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1200Facebookbezoekers @ 21 oktober 2020
7400Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 21 oktober 2020
8543Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 26 oktober 2020
Mark your calendars: Rewire will be back from 8 to 11 April 2021 for its 10th edition.

Since 2011 Rewire has been presenting adventurous music across a range of venues in The Hague, from churches, old factories and abandoned spaces to the more institutional theatres and pop venues. The tenth edition of the annual festival, taking place at more than 20 venues and different sites across The Hague will continue to showcase emerging developments in contemporary music around the world. The festival programme highlights forward-thinking artists who push boundaries and rewire our perception of music and performance today.
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