The Monastery Experience

2045 × 2045 · organisatie
afbeelding The Gardens of Babylon
georganiseerd door Site
Kloster Graefenthal (buiten) op de kaart Site
Maasstrasse 48-50
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The Monastery Experiencedo 25 jul 2019 om 16:00
The Monastery Experiencevr 26 jul 2019 om 14:00
The Monastery Experienceza 27 jul 2019 om 14:00
The Monastery Experiencezo 28 jul 2019 om 14:00 ←

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Line-up The Monastery Experience

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Dominicaanse Republiek Nederland techno, house
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It's time to get excited.. If we close our eyes and move deep into the memories of last summer we recall the calmness of the location, the wild performances of the musicians, the rave cave, the country morning, the hot air, the spiritual village, the private concerts and the sea of smiles from a crowd that you can hardly describe.

The Monastery
25/26/27/28 July
Goch, Germany

The Monastery returns. With our experience last year in mind we went back to the drawing table. We have designed a dreamland, our summer camp for adults, our musical paradise, our time together. Be amazed. Be surprised. Be open to all.

This is The Monastery 2019.
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