Explore the diversity of hardcore · 15 years of darkness A Legacy

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Towering above Ground Zero, you'll find the Mainstage. Guided by Dr. Peacock, a full-scale barrage of kickdrums triggers a night that has no end. Feel the Eternal Darkness. As you diverge into the forest, you encounter the Rage of the Beast. Here, RGB protects the future of hardcore – an honorable task. The water that runs from the forest has turned dark red, forming a River of Blood. At this area, it's up to Origins of Frenchcore to revive all that has been forgotten. What will you remember on this trip?

It's impossible to think straight when frantic noises are closing in: you've reached the realm of Noisekick's Terrordrang. Midnight is ominous and merciless when Death of the Firstborn calls for terror. A pinpoint memory becomes crucial as Wild Creatures approach. Amidst the stampede, Multigroove prepares to uproot the spirit of the past. While you're locked into this state, a stop at Hellbound is paramount. Will early hardcore stand in the eye of the Infernal Thunderstorm? And blinded by a Plague of Locusts, you bear witness to a swarm of razor-sharp snares and kicks by PRSPCT – rounding it off the hard way.

We have no doubt that you get the drill: at the hardest hardcore event in Europe and the only night festival in the Netherlands, you can explore the dark diversity of hardcore and hear past, present and future merge into one. Let's unite where the passion for hardcore begins, grows and never ends.

Meet disaster in its noisiest disguise.

This is Ground Zero - 15 Years of Darkness. 28 August 2021 | Bussloo recreational area