Fuse reopens for a special exhibition · Into the past, present and future of Belgium's premier techno club

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After a year of closure, Fuse reopens its doors on 9 April to present an exceptional pop-up exhibition retracing the history of this mythical Brussels
nightlife venue.

Fuse is transforming itself into a temporary art exhibition venue and museum. We dive deep into the rich history of the club and its location. Showcasing a rich archive containing 27 years of artwork and music trends in the form of many collectibles, flyers, and posters. Not only the history of Fuse itself will be highlighted, but also the history of Blaes 208, a building that has served many purposes during its long history. From a former cinema to a Spanish disco and then the iconic techno club Fuse. This is not only the ideal moment for many clubbers and nightlife enthusiasts to return to Fuse, but also for the many inhabitants of Brussels that have visited the building over the years to once again experience and relive the many moments they have had in the heart of the Marolles.

Echoing Through Eternity: A historical and sensory retrospective

History of the oldest techno nightclub in Belgium
One year, one mythical line-up. The history of the Fuse, year by year since 1994, is showcased on our Timeline Wall. Visitors are invited to stroll through the Main Room which showcases our unique selection of artworks, including flyers and Out Soon booklets. Some were created by Pilar Zeta, an international, multi-award winning artist who has created pieces for Coldplay, among others. Find out about the genesis of I Love Techno, a pioneer of techno festivals in Belgium and one of the biggest electronic music events in Europe. Just like the famous City Parade, which has a long-lasting love story with Fuse.

An exhilarating exhibition
This exhibition is not just a feast for the eyes. Scan one of the many QR codes throughout the venue and learn about the stories and the music tied to the many projects that Fuse has launched over the years. This is the opportunity to hear one of the founders of Fuse, Peter De Cuypere, talk about the first turbulent years of the club or to listento Thierry Coppens talking about the enduring marriage between La Demence and Fuse. Just a cherrypick of the many interesting stories that developed at the iconic club throughout the years.

Immersive experiences
In addition to diving into Fuse's history, you'll also be able to experience art installations and moments. Head over to the Motion Room and indulge yourself in the "3 minutes of a club experience" installation. In a time where clubbing has become a distant and abstract memory, you can relive the experience for the first time in over a year. Loud music and strobing lights. Yes, they do still exist!

You can also head over to the Fuse backstage and DJ booth - which is open to the public for the first time ever - search for your favorite artists on the Wall of Fame, and experience what it's like to be a professional DJ. This and many more little clubbing moments can be experienced throughout your tour through Fuse.

The ticket price is € 10,-

COVID-19 measures
In these difficult times for the entire cultural scene, Fuse believes, more than ever, that art in all its forms should be seen as an essential service for all. In response to the uncertainty regarding the resumption of normal activities in cultural venues, the Fuse team wants to offer a burst of artistic vitality for all of its visitors through this exhibition.

The Fuse is committed to respecting all sanitary measures and protocols necessary for the running of the event. The exhibition is organised to offer a unidirectional route for visitors and compliance with social distancing rules. Wearing a mask is mandatory and hydro-alcoholic gel terminals will be made available to the public.

The Fuse would particularly like to thank the City of Brussels and its Department of Culture, Youth, Leisure and Sports for their support, without whom the Echoing Through Eternity exhibition could not have taken place.