Goetia on Twitch with a livestream under Unity 3D · Welcome To The Hard City

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afbeelding Goetia on Twitch with a livestream under Unity 3D
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After starting the year with "Resonate" a title in collaboration with Neko or "4thefans" with the legend Da Mouth of Madness the voice of Dutch Hardcore, Goetia arrives on the Twitch platform with a new livestream device "Welcome to the Hard city" combining 3D technology and Hard music in collaboration with Artpixel agency.

The dj set lasts an hour, mixed and filmed on a green screen, ranging from 185bpm at 220bpm, from Hardtechno, Hardcore to Uptempo, Goetia encrusted, takes us into a universe of a cyberpunk city using Unity 3D software to explore hard sound on a view of a futuristic city realistic and detailed, the artist's favorite style. Goetia scheduled to perform on Twitch with a series of sets, solo and versus, by the end of the year.

Hard City Episode 01 is now available to stream on Twitch and YouTube.