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NightRide Visuals started in 2011 when Boston began craving for a change in the production of their club scene. What do we do? In short, we provide video content that we mix live to the beat of the music. In truth, we provide an experience that not only compliments a live DJ, but we feel is essential to any party, club, performance, or festival. When people recall their previous live music experiences; they recall what they felt, what they saw, smelled, and heard. It's a true master of senses and while a DJ or band provides the aural experience, we not only compliment this with our visual performance, but we feel it is essential to the overall aura of a great show!

Although we are accommodating to any situation, we prefer to ditch the traditional idea that VJs are to be off stage and provide a full force performance, which is guaranteed to impress with a new energy feeding off that of the crowd. We provide video content, both stock and custom that will help bring your party, festival, or high end corporate party to the next level!

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 1 januari 2014: Amnesia NYE, World Trade Center, Willemstad
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